In spite of all the client photos I took this year, this year’s slideshow is personal.

2013 was a temperamental beast.

It gave me the most successful year of business that Hilljoy has ever seen… and the most challenging.

It wrapped up the first ten years of my teaching career and brought with it new, overwhelming standards.

It gave me long walks in Copenhagen, a bistro meal in Paris, Guinness in Ireland, and a weekend in Costa Rica.

I lost a friend to cancer.

I gained a new “nephew.”

2013 inspired my fourth attempt at a 365 project, then sabotaged it when it gave me too much to handle at once.

And 2013 found me a new home – the first I’ve loved enough to share happily with others.

I think everyone gets analytical at the end of a year, at least to a certain extent. For me it’s always about reconciling the bad and the good. This year, the two were too extreme. So my conclusion, my summary of 2013, is this: It’s not up to us to make sense of the wide spectrum of a year’s occurrences. It’s just too much. But that’s okay, because it’s also unnecessary for us to try. We can trust that time will do it for us.

And in the meantime, it’s all the stuff that falls in the middle….. the coffee dates with friends, the cuddles with our animals, the snowfalls, the gifts we give, the gifts we get, the commutes, the music, the sunsets, the flowers, the long walks, the fancy pens, the meals, the visits, the way we choose to make our house a home….. that keeps us centered.

Happy New Year — I hope you all have wonderful celebrations that do 2013 justice, whether it’s a swift kick to the shins or showers of confetti and sparklers. I trust that mine will have both.:)

Made using the “A Beautiful Mess” and “Flipagram” apps

Music: “Rescue,” Yuna

Comments 3

  1. Diana Gibson December 24, 2013

    Thank you for sharing your 2013. I am inspired by your positive attitude looking forward and hope 2014 is a happy and rewarding year for you. I look forward to all of your photographic projects!

  2. Justin December 31, 2013

    What a great way to look back on 2013! All the happy (and sometimes sad) moments really do add up to a wonderful life. So glad we can enjoy it with you.

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